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Duels[ | ]

When you click the Play button at the top of the screen you will be taken to the Classic Duel, which pairs you up against other players of your skill level (ELO) for straight forward duels. This is where you will get your constant flow of gold and experience points.

Tournaments[ | ]

The Tournament button will take you to the different tournament modes. Depending on what day it is, the official tournament will either be a Jackpot Tournament or a Swiss Tournament.

Jackpot Tournament[ | ]

The Jackpot Tournament will allow you to fight against other players one by one: you start off with 0 points and gradually work your way up the leaderboard if you can. You gain less gold for each duel as most of it is put into the global Jackpot. The higher up the leaderboard you go, the higher the percentage of the jackpot you will win at the end of the day!

Swiss Tournament[ | ]

The Swiss Tournament will allow you to enter an 8 player group. You will then fight 3 duels, and the best 2 players will get a nice prize. There will also be a lucky prize given to one of the players who comes 3rd to 8th place. To enter a Swiss tournament you need Tickets that can be bought in the shop. You can also create your own Custom Tournaments if you want to practice the Swiss Tournament, but these have no rewards.

The tournaments do not unlock until you reach 200 ELO, but in general, we would advise you NOT to enter tournaments until you feel confident you know the game well, as you may face some very experienced players!

Practice[ | ]

In the Practice mode you can test your decks and strategies against friends, online players or an AI opponent, without risking your skill rating or leaderboard rankings.