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Gazal, Lady of Secrets
Gazal, Lady of Secrets
Type: Hero
Faction: Academy
Rarity: Heroic
Might: 1 Might
Magic: 1 Magic
Destiny: 1 Destiny
Health: 20 Health
SoM1: Primal
SoM2: Light
Wildcards Cost: 21 Wildcard icn
Expansion: Forgotten Wars
0 Ressource icn: Increase your Might, Magic or Destiny level by one.
1 Ressource icn: Draw a card.
3 Ressource icn: Until the end of the turn, whenever an effect causes cards to go from your opponent's library to their graveyard, draw a card.

Lore[ | ]

Gazal was born in the deserts of the Sahaar to a noble Wizard family of Shahibdiya, while they were travelling through the vast dunes to lay claim to a newly discovered Dragon Vein Nexus. The family discovered the Nexus the following day and multiplied by one hundred fold their already considerable wealth. Gazal, named after a wandering gazelle that lead them to the Nexus, was proclaimed the fortune bringer of their clan. In recognition, they did everything they could to spoil her rotten, but were only partially successful.

Gazal could light a fire with a flick of her wrist at the age of seven, and at the age of nine she invoked an ice-storm that covered an oasis she had discovered in the Sahaar desert, and lasted for a day in spite of the scalding heat. Though the exploit nearly killed the little Gazal, it proved that she was destined for greater things. She left the deserts and returned to the Seven Cities to study magic.

Gazal’s tremendous self-confidence served her well as she became one of the most accomplished and powerful Wizards of the Seven Cities. Named head of House Anima at the tender age of thirty-five, she was voted onto the Council of Nine on her first nomination. She has never even considered resigning from her lifetime position, though many do after the first seven-year term to follow magical studies or personal pursuits. Gazal has only ever had one ambition: restore to House Anima its rightful title as first House, and recover its status as the most powerful school of magic in the Seven Cities and all of Ashan.

Gazal argues relentlessly that the only reliable weapon is the Wizard’s staff, and that if the Wizards become nothing more than generals and fat merchants, the Seven Cities will one day fall into decay.

“A well-trained Wizard is a match for any army, provided the Council of Nine doesn’t make you fight with your staff tied to your back.” [1]

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