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Hakeem, Seeker of Mysteries
Hakeem, Seeker of Mysteries
Type: Hero
Faction: Academy
Rarity: Heroic
Might: 1 Might
Magic: 1 Magic
Destiny: 2 Destiny
Health: 20 Health
SoM1: Dark
SoM2: Earth
Wildcards Cost: 21 Wildcard icn
Expansion: Forgotten Wars
Deck: Crimson Sands x1
0 Ressource icn: Increase your Might, Magic or Destiny level by one.
1 Ressource icn: Draw a card.

Lore[ | ]

Hakeem was born in Al-Rubit of the Seven Cities. He had a particular knack with the manipulation of the life forces of animals and magical beasts. He rose slowly and surely through the ranks of House Chimera, the smallest of the four major Houses, and became one of its most powerful Wizards over a long and steady career of spectacular creations and discoveries.

Early in his career, Hakeem gained fame and fortune overnight by creating a very popular household pet, the Griffbird. Mixing the bloods and spirits of canaries and alley kittens and exposing them to magical radiations created by Dragonblood Crystals, he offered one of the most beautiful and playful domesticated species of its day. Though the race of creatures was not able to reproduce independently, it could be made in sufficient quantities to create a dozen per month that were each suddenly worth a fortune. Not only could the Griffbird catch mice with amazing agility, it also loved to curl up in its owner’s arms, cheeping and purring at the same time.

His initial fortune made, Hakeem lent his curiosity to the building of armies and perfecting the troops of Rakshasas and other Beastmen.

One day, Hakeem had an epiphany observing a colony of ice ants alongside a small stream. He was intrigued how one would sacrifice it brother’s body to cross a river by freezing it so that it would become a part of a frozen bridge. Then that very same ant would become the target of the next ant in line that would freeze it. Once the bridge of living icicles made, eventually twigs and other debris would complete the construction, and a few of the ants would actually be thawed out and survive. Most of them would float away in the current over time and either drown or be eaten by fish or birds. How did they know to do this? Hakeem suddenly realized that they were connected through their blood and minds, unable to distinguish their identities totally the one from the other. This revelation would guide him in his research for the rest of his life, and lead him to become the first Crimson Wizard.

Hakeem had the idea to mix his own blood and life force with the creatures he created and subsequently mix a little of their blood with his own. His goal was to create a magical link, or bond. It worked beyond his wildest dreams. He first linked himself with a Griffbird, and suddenly with a little concentration, could see himself flying through the streets of Al-Rubit, and then as the bird descended, he could see himself through the creature’s eyes as it jumped onto his own shoulder. The bond was much stronger than with that of a regular familiar. In fact Hakeem discovered that the Griffbird was part of himself. There were also drawbacks.

A few weeks later, when the Griffbird was killed by a pair of eagles on a hunting trip, Hakeem fell immediately unconscious and even after waking he couldn’t move for a day. But in spite of his numerous setbacks, Hakeem had discovered the secret of the Crimson Bond, and created a new branch of study within House Chimera. Any Wizard from that day forward who linked himself with a creature or Beastman, be it great or small, was called a Crimson Wizard.

Crimson bonding is a powerful discovery, but not sufficient to restore House Chimera to its previous status. It is considered a dangerous hobby by many and simply a fashion by others. None see its true potential to make loyal and obedient armies. Hakeem needs to be bolder in his experimentation to prove them all wrong…

“If it bleeds it can join you and make you something greater.” [1]

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