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Type: Hero
Faction: Inferno
Rarity: Heroic
Might: 1 Might
Magic: 1 Magic
Destiny: 1 Destiny
Health: 20 Health
SoM1: Dark
SoM2: Fire
Wildcards Cost: 21 Wildcard icn
Expansion: Forgotten Wars
0 Ressource icn: Increase your Might, Magic or Destiny level by one.
1 Ressource icn: Draw a card.
When opponent discards a card for the first time in a turn, if your Destiny level is 5 or more, deal 2 damage to their hero.

Lore[ | ]

Ignatius is an Incubus born is Sheogh as the result of a pact his mother made with Phrias, the Demon Prince of Destruction. After the debacle of the 2nd Eclipse, he and his Demon troops survived by scavenging Magic energy from the Dragon Veins. He enjoys a limited amount of freedom from Phrias after the Demon is corrupted by the Throne of Renewal. He offers to join forces with Ammar and Hakeem who decide to trust him for the duration of the battle.

Ignatius senses the tremendous Magic power dormant in the Throne of Renewal and believes he could use it to erase the curse that binds him to the Lords of Chaos, never having to return to Sheogh again. He will get his wish in another way, as after the battle a Rift opens up erasing Phrias, and therefore relieving him of his bonds to Sheogh. He is told by a Blind Brother that when he dies the next time, he will be reincarnated by Asha and not Urgash, to become once again a Man, a Dwarf or perhaps and Elf. It is of little importance because he won’t have any memories of his precedent life.

Ignatius is given an opportunity after the battle to occupy the ruins of the Five Towers with his small army of survivors, provided he does not leave the desert. He decides to remain, though it is tempting to commit suicide to be born once again a creature of Asha and not a Demon. He decides that the Dragons still have a purpose for him as an Incubus, so he remains in that form until fate or age decide to kill him. His curse is gone with the disappearance of Phrias. He becomes a rare Demon hero who lives on the surface of Ashan.

“I like the smell of Ashan. Its surface is where I belong.”

“I do not fear death. I fear rebirth, for every single time I come back as a Demon.” [1]

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