Duel of Champions Wiki
Card SoM Resource Might Magic Destiny Rarity Description W Cost Set Quantity
[Rock Wall] Earth 1 Ressource icn - 1 Magic - Common Enchant Row. Permanent:
When a melee creature from enchanted row attacks, prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to and delt by the attacking creature and destroy Rock Wall.
01 Wildcard icn Basic Set x3
[Stone Shield] Earth 3 Ressource icn - 4 Magic - Common Permanent:
Prevent all damage dealt to your Hero.
Destroy Stone Shield at the end of the turn during which damage is prevented in this way.
01 Wildcard icn Basic Set x2
[Venomous Touch] Earth 2 Ressource icn - 2 Magic - Common Enchant creature. Permanent:
Enchanted creature gains [Infect 1].
01 Wildcard icn Basic Set x2