Duel of Champions Wiki
Card Rarity Description W Cost
[Blind Arbiters] Rare Players cannot play more than 3 cards per turn. 10 Wildcard icn
[Conscription Day] Uncommon 3 Ressource icn: Increase both players' Might level by 1. 06 Wildcard icn
[Cosmic Balance] Rare 4 Ressource icn, deal 3 damage to your hero: Both players must discard cards at random until they have a maxiumum of 6 in hand. 10 Wildcard icn
[Day of the Sanctuary] Uncommon 1 Ressource icn: Until your next turn, target creature cannot be targeted. 06 Wildcard icn
[Hail Storm] Common 4 Ressource icn: Deal 1 damage to every creature. 02 Wildcard icn