Duel of Champions Wiki
Card Rarity Description W Cost Set Quantity
[Celebration] Common 2 Ressource icn: Each player draws a card. 01 Wildcard icn Basic Set x2
[Day of the Fallen Wolf] Common 3 Ressource icn: Increase the Retaliate icn of the next creature you deploy this turn by 2. 02 Wildcard icn Void Rising x3
[Day of the Sanctuary] Uncommon 1 Ressource icn: Until your next turn, target creature cannot be targeted. 06 Wildcard icn Herald of the Void x2
[Week of the Mercenaries] Rare 3 Ressource icn: Until the end of the turn, play with the top card of your library revealed. As long as the top card of your library is a creature card, all friendly creatures gain +1 Attack icn. Otherwise, all enemy creatures gain +1 Retaliate icn. 05 Wildcard icn Basic Set x1