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Myranda, Blademage Champion
Myranda, Blademage Champion
Type: Hero
Faction: Academy
Rarity: Heroic
Might: 2 Might
Magic: 1 Magic
Health: 20 Health
SoM1: Primal
SoM2: Air
Wildcards Cost: 21 Wildcard icn
Expansion: Forgotten Wars
0 Ressource icn: Increase your Might, Magic or Destiny level by one.
1 Ressource icn: Draw a card.
4 Ressource icn: Relocate target friendly magic creature.

Lore[ | ]

Myranda was recruited into the Blademage academy at the age of 8 years and a day. She had been spotted juggling thirteen balls to bemused audiences on a street corner in Al-Jamasht. This was a clear demonstration of that rare combination of natural and magical motor reflexes sought by the Blademage recruiters. Her family of street performers were given a hefty compensation in gold to allow her to serve a nobler cause.

Myranda held the rank of First Blade at twenty-five and was offered a position within the prestigious order of the Forty Blades the next year. Her life now dedicated to the protection of the High Wizards gathered in the Council of the Nine. Myranda’s specific assignment was as the personal bodyguard of High Wizard Hakeem, the leader of House Chimera. Another kind of magic for which there is little protection and no remedy, took ahold of both of them. They became passionate lovers.

When, months later, Myranda announced that she would resign her sworn oath to the Forty and join a Windsword mercenary company, the Council of Nine was shocked. No one had ever resigned from such a prestigious post in the history of the Seven Cities. Myranda refused to explain the reasons for her decision, and Hakeem remained silent, which led to countless speculations… [1]

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