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Tower of the Dreamer

Since the founding of the Lotus Empire, after the collapse of the Shantiri civilization, Naga truth seekers have been travelling in their dreams to a tower dedicated to Shalassa that they climbed to obtain new perspective and far seeing. Hundreds of Nagas have painted or described this tower in poetry with an exactitude and similarity that defy the laws of reason. Up until the discovery of the five towers, the Nagas had always believed that it was a mystical place existing only in the spirit world, but upon seeing the Dreamer’s Spire, they realized that it was in fact a real physical building, a memory of the Shantiris, and not the stuff made only of dreams.[1]

Report from Hakeem to the Council of Nine[ | ]

Dreamer’s Spire, whose design is by far the most peaceful and soothing of the five towers, remains a formidable defense all the same. The Shantiri Architecture, emboldened with magical water symbols dedicated to Shalassa, gives it a false harmless appearance. Akane, a Naga Wizard, and Gazal’s most faithful ally, was still occupying the tower when we escaped. She claimed that the spire is the legendary Dream Seeker tower of Naga legend. Whether that is true, or simply something she likes to believe, it seems to confer her a certain clairvoyance that will translate into a tremendous advantage in battle should we face her.

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