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Tower of the Elders
Tower of the Elders
Type: Unique Building
Faction: Neutral
Rarity: Epic
Resource Cost: 3 Ressource icn
Magic Cost: 3 Magic
Wildcards Cost: 32 Wildcard icn
Expansion: The Five Towers
Creatures at Tower of the Elders gain [Magic Guard 1].
Academy creatures at Tower of the Elders gain [Magic Guard 2] instead.

Lore[ | ]

The Shantiri civilization was not destroyed by Demons, but crumbled during the height of the Elder Wars, where Elrath’s Angels, guardians of Light, and Malassa’s Faceless, keepers of Darkness, fought such tremendous battles that cities were buried by mountains and rivers scorched to ash. Elder’s Vigil was built by the Shantiris as an incitation for the two Elder races to stop their senseless, genocidal war, and make peace with one another. Murals engraved into the tower’s black and gold stone depict peaceful ceremonies involving the Dragon God of Light dancing around the Dragon God of Darkness in a protective circle around their younger siblings, the four Elemental Dragon Gods.

Report from Hakeem to the Council of Nine

Elder’s Vigil is where Gazal herself has taken residence. In all my years of arcane studies, never have I seen a more powerful place of power. Gazal controls a personal maelstrom of magic, amplified by the tower of Light and Darkness. Our only hope is that she might in her ambition and confidence, come out of the tower to lead her armies against us on the field. If this is her strategy, then I would spend as many resources as might be spared to take the tower away from her control. [1]

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