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Tower of the Gardener
Tower of the Gardener
Type: Unique Building
Faction: Neutral
Rarity: Epic
Resource Cost: 3 Ressource icn
Might Cost: 2 Might
Magic Cost: 1 Magic
Wildcards Cost: 32 Wildcard icn
Expansion: The Five Towers
Creatures at Tower of the Gardener gain [Infect 3].
Necropolis creatures at Tower of the Gardener gain [Regenerate 2].

Lore[ | ]

Gardener’s Watch is a vertical oasis climbing from dunes to clouds as if mimicking the Dragon Sylanna’s life-bringing tail; an inspiring hope in Ashan’s most barren desert. An ancient Elven song makes reference to this lost tower and is sung during the final feast of winter before the High King. The story describes the tower that moves from desert to desert, bringing fauna and flora to the most arid of places. The song finished, the traditional first garden seeds are planted that will sprout from the ground on the first day of spring.

Report from Hakeem to the Council of Nine

The Gardener’s Watch has been occupied by Arianna the Nethermancer, Sandro’s notorious undermage. She now follows Gazal, apparently one to go where the weather is stormiest. Arianna has found ways to use the tremendous Shantiri Earth magic flowing through the tower granite and living latticework to enhance the growth of both poisonous and regenerative plants. In spite its organic nature, it is no easier to climb, burn or breach than any of the other five towers. [1]

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