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Tower of the Inventor
Tower of the Inventor
Type: Unique Building
Faction: Neutral
Rarity: Epic
Resource Cost: 3 Ressource icn
Might Cost: 3 Might
Wildcards Cost: 32 Wildcard icn
Expansion: The Five Towers
When a creature at Tower of the Inventor is attacked, it deals 3 damage to its attacker. Haven creatures at Tower of the Inventor gain Preemptive strike.

Lore[ | ]

The Inventor’s Eye is a floating tower, emboldened with the magic of cloud and wind, dedicated to Ylath, the Dragon God of Air. When one sees it for the first time, a popular saying of the Seven City comes to mind: “brilliance is in the eye of the inventor”. If one is ever lucky enough to defeat the powerful winds and lightning bolts that guard the access to the top of the spire, a vision will come as in a daydream to warn of impeding danger or hint of a way to gain the favor of the Dragons.

Report from Hakeem to the Council of Nine

Inventor’s Eye is where you will find the corrupted Windsword captain Kieran. He is an elusive figure, and seems two souls inside a single body. The Tower of Air steadies his resolve and grants him supernatural awareness. Of the five towers, I would attempt taking the Inventor’s Eye first. It will be difficult to approach and recover, but its mobility and intrinsic powers would help us take the others. [1]

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