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Tower of the Smith Lore

Smith’s Pride[ | ]

Smith’s Pride is a brilliant combination of bold metal and relentless stone, a testimony to the Shantiri Forges, Arkath, the Dragon God of Fire, and the Dwarven smiths who certainly had an important role in building it. An entire clan of Stronghammer Dwarves numbering seven hundred strong, made a pilgrimage to the tower after its completion, to pay it homage and admire its tremendous beauty. Fender, the clan’s illustrious weaponsmith, cried in joy upon touching the edifice. One of his tears is said to have been transformed into flamegold by the magic in the tower. He wore the tear on a chain around his neck and bequeathed it to his heirs. The necklace is still worn today, and said to fill its wearer with the courage of Arkath.[1]

Report from Asalah to the Council of Nine[ | ]

The tower of Fire has been found using the rituals the Council prepared. It is indeed occupied by the Arch-Demon, Prince Phrias, who has set his minions to the task of placing Chaos wards and spells around its base and along its parapets. Again, the information given to us by the renegade, Hakeem, has proven true. The archives are confirming that this is indeed the Smith’s Pride of legend, constructed by the Shantiris over a millennia ago for some unknown purpose. We must recover it quickly, for Phrias uses the tower as a magical amplifier to instill a maddening fury in the minds of our officers, leading our troops to self-destruction before they are able to reach the battlefield.

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